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Radha Rothrock is a Fort Myers bankruptcy attorney. She has been practicing law for 21 years.  She owns Rothrock Law Firm PL.  Bankruptcy may help you eliminate or reduce credit card debt, IRS debt, and second mortgages.  It may also stop foreclosures or postpone them so that you can work on modifying your mortgage. Before filing bankruptcy, make sure you have a thorough consultation with an experienced attorney.   The Rothrock Law Firm assists you in making the decision of whether or not to file bankruptcy.

We start with an initial consultation to evaluate your overall financial condition.  We ask you questions tailored to your unique situation so that you can make the decision that is best for you.  For example, many people are not sure whether or not they want to keep their home.  At our initial consultation, we go over the pros and cons of keeping your home and modifying the mortgage through bankruptcy, letting the house go back to the bank, and working with the bank directly without filing bankruptcy.  We also go over the procedure of what happens during a bankruptcy and how to rebuild your credit after your bankruptcy is completed.

Why Choose Rothrock Law Firm PL as your Fort Myers bankruptcy attorney?

Fort Myers Bankruptcy Attorney Radha Rothrock

Radha Rothrock is a Fort Myers Bankruptcy Attorney

If you reside in Fort Myers,  it is very important to hire a local attorney who understands the  rules of the bankruptcy judges and trustees in Fort Myers. All bankruptcy cases filed in Fort Myers will be heard  by Judge Caryl Delano. One of three trustees, all located in Fort Myers, will administer your case.  Radha Rothrock has practiced before all the  judges and trustees in Fort Myers and is familiar with their  requirements. She has been practicing law for 21 years and has been practicing law in  Florida for 16 years. She has appeared before federal and state courts numerous times in Lee, Collier, Charlotte,  Hendry, and Glades Counties.  Radha Rothrock is a very experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Fort Myers.


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